call it what you want 3 by roofeeo

This should be played at high volume preferably in a residential area…

by Josh Madden

We're gonna start this one out by asking you to kindly close your eyes and picture yourself walking down a New York City street on a 90 degree summer day, not unlike today. It's hot so you need to dip into the bodega and buy a strawberry ice pop for $.150 wait, answer your phone, yeah your phone is ringing. You're invited to roof top party so grab a bag of red Solo cups (they always run out) and get busy, because Roofeeo is DJing and you know if he's bringing the sounds it's going to be a good one.

Okay, so you might not be in NYC right now but that doesn't mean you can't party like you are. We'd like to introduce you to our good friend Jahphet Landis aka Roofeeo, you might recognize him from his most recent appearance on Saturday Night Live playing drums for Kanye West. Maybe you've seen him playing with The Death Set, TV On The Radio, Theophilus London, Ninja Sonik, ahem Bjork...the truth is Roofeeo is one of the most recognizable drummers in music right now because he's never not working. When he's not drumming he's making new music and then playing it when he DJs every party you want to be at. The sound selecta extaordinaire put together his brand new mixtape Call It What You Want III and wrangled the incredibly funny comedian Hannibal Buress to host it. This mixtape not only bangs extra hard but the interjections made by Buress are laugh-out-loud hilarious. The pool skit is a trip. Download this tape right now for free.99 and play it at every party for the rest of this beautiful season. Don't forget the red Solo cups...they always run out.