Photo by Tory Rust


How This Instagram It Girl Uses Social Media To Help Protect Our Planet

Calu Rivero is on a mission to promote environmental consciousness

Calu Rivero is more than just your average influencer. While, yes, she’s stunning—an Argentinian model, actress, and DJ that fits all the criteria for an Instagram It Girl, 740K followers and all—there’s much more to her image and personal brand.

Rivero is on a mission to protect our planet and all of its living inhabitants.

A devout vegan and environmental activist, she’s committed to the well-being of all forms of life. “From a young age, I had a sense of compassion for everything that surrounds me, especially with living things,” she says. “I felt a strong connection to them. For some years, I started becoming more aware and conscious of my actions, and what we do as humans collectively.”

Rivero tells me that 25 percent of the world’s climate change is caused by animal farming, which is part of her reasoning for being a strict vegan. A veggie lover of all sorts (“Kale is KING!” she says), she sticks to this diet not only because she finds it nourishing, but because she feels it’s part of her duty to lower the amount of meat consumption occurring in today’s world. 

This sense of compassion for the planet and the life it sustains trickles into her choices in fashion and beauty, as well. She, like us, believes that shopping for ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious clothing and beauty is crucial. “I think it’s important to research the brand before you buy,” says Rivero. “Especially now, with the internet and social media, it’s so easy to research in-store or beforehand to check whether a brand is vegan or environmentally friendly and whether they test on animals or not.” Rivero herself is a huge fan of the sustainable British fashion designer Stella McCartney, amongst others. Every coat you’ll see her wearing in the below editorial is by Nika Tang, and is fashionably faux—no real fur or snakeskin used. 

In addition to living her own life with an acute environmental awareness, she’s supported and participated in non-governmental organization projects focused on environmental care in the past. However, the thing with the most impact that she does for the cause is use her massive following in ways that other influencers don’t. 

Rather than simply taking advantage of the free clothes, gifts, and offerings that are the norm for the average social media star, Rivero uses her influential power to get her message out there. “I always try to send the message through social media because it reaches so many people—I can potentially impact millions of people to care more for our environment. We’re all an essential part of the community, and every one of us is a puzzle piece of the bigger picture—it’s something we shouldn’t forget.”

With the recent news of President-elect Donald Trump appointing Oklahoma attorney general and prominent denier of climate change Scott Pruitt to run the EPA, the alarm has been sounded for everyone concerned about the earth. Many feel scared for the future of our environment and worry what the impact of the next four years will be. As millennials, Rivero believes that we must stay united and positive. “From my experience in Argentina, I know that we must remain calm and respectful, regardless of who’s in office,” she says. “We need to have faith for the democratic system and all those who think and act in favor of life—especially us young people—it’s crucial that we stay united and more alert than ever."

So, how can we follow Rivero’s lead and make a difference, spreading important messages through the ever-powerful world of social media? She left us with a few tips. “Be authentic. Be yourself and be educated in the things you say,” she says. “Never post anything you don’t feel on your own, or repost others’ opinions without truly understanding the topic. Listen to those who follow you—know them, and conduct a conversation.” 

Click through the gallery below to catch Rivero in her element—amidst nature—rocking the latest animal-friendly ready-to-wear.  

Photographer: Tory Rust

Stylist: Heather Newberger

Model: Calu Rivero @ The Society

Makeup: Jane Meng

Hair: Jenni Wimmerstedt

Photo by Tory Rust

Calu is wearing a Nika Tang jacket, Karen Walker top, and Kurt Lyle jumpsuit.

Photo by Tory Rust

Calu is wearing a Nika Tang jacket, Coach shirt, Rosetta getty skirt, and Isa Tapia shoes.

Photo by Tory Rust

Calu is wearing a Nika Tang jacket.

Photo by Tory Rust

Calu is wearing a Nika Tang jacket, Courtshop pants, and Modern Vice shoes.

Photo by Tory Rust

Calu is wearing a Nika Tang jacket, Karen Walker top, and Kurt Lyle jumpsuit.

Photo by Tory Rust

Calu is wearing a Rodebjer top, Vivienne Tam dress, and Modern Vice shoes.