Cara Delevingne Dropped Her Very First Music Video

Do you feel… everything?

What’s better than one singing Cara Delevingne? Three—all with different hairstyles.

The actress-slash-model-slash-author officially added singer to her list of talents last week when she released her song “Feel Everything” from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. And we, yes, felt everything about it. Including her sultry accented vocals and the Pharrell Williams production. 

And now a different set of emotions are bubbling up because the video’s been released. Shots of Delevingne are weaved in with scenes from the visually arresting sci-fi film. If the theming looks similar, that’s because Valerian’s Luc Besson directed it. 

What won't look similar are Delevingne’s hair looks. Her head is bleach blonde and has grown from a buzz into a pixie cut in real life. In the movie, she has longer blonde-brunette locks. In the music video, though, she alternates between a brunette bob with bangs, another short haired platinum blonde style, and a red Ariel the mermaid-esque wig. Rihanna isn't the only shape shifter in this dimension. 

Watch the video above and stay for the end when the real transformation happens.