Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Are Music Royalty

in chanel’s latest short film.

When we found out that Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne were going to star in a short film for Chanel, our heads started spinning with questions: Is this Cara's real foray into the music biz? Is this Pharrell's entrance into the acting world? What happens when you combine two people who have risen to the top of their respective industries? Now that the film, titled "Reincarnation", has premiered, all of our questions may not be answered, but we do know one thing: Karl Lagerfeld really knows what he's doing.

In the eight-minute-long clip, the singer and model transform from elevator operator and bar maid into Emperor Franz Josef and his wife Empress Elisabeth "Sisi" of Austria in an ethereal whirlwind of a dream. The soundtrack, titled "CC the World" plays as the two waltz in a ghostly-lit ballroom, showcasing not only their elegance on the dance floor but also their smooth voices. While Pharrell, who composed the song, carries the tune for the majority of the sequence, Delevingne's alto voice chimes in at the end with a surprisingly low, honeyed quality. These aren't the vocal chords of another auto-tuned wannabe pop star, proving that the model is indeed much more than those signature brows.

The short film also features Geraldine Chaplin (daughter of the famed silent film actor) as the iconic Coco Chanel, depicting her on an Austrian vacation, where she is first struck by the beautiful structured jacket of an elevator operator—the jacket that inspired an entire tradition of classic Chanel pieces. 

Accompanying Chanel's annual Métiers d’Art show, taking place this year in Salzburg, Austria, the film is just another work of art by Karl Lagerfeld, who has continued the brand's tradition of fortitude and beauty. With talent like Pharrell and Delevingne and designs like Chanel, you can't possibly go wrong.

Watch Reincarnation below.