Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty images.

Cara Delevingne Just Crushed Zoolander In An Epic Walk-Off


by daniel barna

An epic walk-off featuring two supermodels who've been away from the runway for much too long just went down in Paris, and frankly, it wasn't even close. In one corner, we have Derek Zoolander, the genetically gifted but extremely dopey man-child who revolutionized the male modeling industry with a single look. In the other corner, it's Cara Delevingne, Instagram's reigning high priestess, fashion icon for the digital age, and budding movie star. It's an epochal clash between two industry titans, and we're here to say: sorry, Mr. Zoolander. You just got crushed. Watch Cara D do her thing below.

(Oh, and Zoolander 2 sashays into theaters February 12.)