Photo courtesy of WBR


cardiknox’s “doors” is your new optimistic anthem

keep on keeping on, y’all

“Oh my life begins every time a door closes, another one opens,” Lonnie Angle repeats over and over in her and Thomas Dutton’s new track, “Doors.” It’s a gentle reminder of better things to come. The innocence of the repetition is infectious.

Together, Angle and Dutton make Cardiknox. The New York-by-way-of-Seattle duo have a knack for minimal sonics mixed with bubbling pop sensibilities. “Doors” highlights their unique dynamic wonderfully. Speaking to us over email, Angle and Dutton said the track “is about precedence.” Indeed, the driving stomp of the drums lends itself to a carrying on mentality. “In many ways, it chronicles being an artist: you imagine, create, destroy, reimagine, and recreate. If you trust in tomorrow and trust in your process, it all works out and comes together. It's a timely anthem for us as the first song we've released in over a year.” Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year for more tunes.