Carson Daly and Britney Spears on TRL

because carson daly is movin’ on up in the world.

by steff yotka

Back in the day, there was no better after school activity than parking your derrière on the couch and counting down the best 10 videos of the day with Carson Daly, TRL host and our personal favorite VJ of all time. (Sorry, SuChin Pak!) That was when MTV played music videos more hours than not, and being a "video jockey" was a viable dream job for tweens everywhere. 

So in honor of Carson Daly getting promoted to a host of the Today Show (meaning that our moms and dads will now be getting hard news from the same dude we once watched interview Britney Spears about her Crystal preferences), we are throwing back to the golden days of Daly and TRL

Tune in to the clip below to catch up on all the Britney Spears news you may have missed from 2001, and tweet us your favorite TRL memories too.