Watch Casey Affleck’s Tense Interview With Stephen Colbert

Doing His Best Joaquin Phoenix Impersonation

Compared to his big brother, Casey Affleck has flown under the radar throughout his two-decade career in Hollywood. We don't really know what he's like offscreen, which says something about the way he lives his life, but is also a tribute to his ability to disappear into characters. Well last night, we got some insight into the man. And what kind of man is he?

Casey Affleck is a man that does not appreciate being fucked with.

The actor appeared on The Late Show to promote his gritty crime thriller Triple 9, and right off the bat host Stephen Colbert kind of insulted the way he was dressed. “Thanks for dressing up," Colbert joked, despite Affleck looking just fine in a blazer and khakis. "I can’t tell whether this choice is, like, the least celebrity thing to do or the most celebrity thing to do. It's very casual." He went on to call him "a street corner Jesus."

“Thank you," a visibly irritated Affleck said. "You look great.”

That set the tone for a tense few minutes of back-and-forth between host and guest, each landing some jabs in what made for some uncomfortable but entertaining TV. This isn't Affleck's first experience with cringeworthy Late Show interviews. He was there when Joaquin Phoenix—whose physical appearance that night makes Affleck look like a Wall Street banker—had his notoriously awkward interview with David Letterman. You'll recall that Affleck was there filming the exchange for his mockumentary about Phoenix's public breakdown, I'm Still Here

Watch the exchange above.