Casper & B. Tapped Pell To Make A Diss Track For Your Exes


Anyone who possesses a cell phone has probably been burned with these four words at least once: "New phone, who dis?" But if you haven't been on the receiving end of this text, you most likely were on the other side and felt empowered when you hit send on that sucker. 

L.A.-based producer duo Casper & B. is taking that burn to a whole new level in the music video for their latest single "New Phone Who Dis," premiering right here. New Orleans-based rapper Pell is also featured on the track, adding a heavy dose of realness to the trivial ordeal.

"When your ex hits you up, there's really only one response: 'new phone who dis?'" said Casper. "The goal here is to have more fun than your ex. I think we achieved it. This video is based on real events."

Given that Casper & B. are entering their junior year of college, they are very familiar with the subject at hand. Though the visual exaggerates a tad, the message that you're left with is pretty clear: Delete that number and leave your ex behind. For a tutorial, watch the video above.

Casper & B.'s debut project

Low Battery Summer

is out now.