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    we pick our dream team for the sex and the city prequel.

    by · January 19, 2012
    Yesterday The CW announced the pickup of The Carrie Diaries, Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City prequel that follows a high school Miss Bradshaw while she causes PG-13 trouble around (where else?) Manhattan. And now that Gossip Girl superstar producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have officially hopped on board the series, here’s hoping the TV show will fare better than the big screen sequel. Until we can judge this for ourselves, we’ve picked our Carrie Diaries dream team. These four actresses are young, cool, and would feasibly agree to a TV series contract (as much as we love Blake Lively, she’s probably not a contender for Carrie). We’ve added our top picks below, but who do you think should step into Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda’s heels? Let us know in the comments!Carrie Bradshaw: Jane LevyWhy: We first started watching Suburgatory to see what Jeremy Sisto looked like all grown up (Clueless crushes die hard...) but it’s Jane’s portrayal of Tessa that had us hooked. She’s spunky, sarcastic, and street-wise enough to play the title character, and we think she’d rock the ’80s fashions in the show perfectly. Just like Carrie, we kind of want to be Jane’s best friend. Charlotte York: Lucy Hale Why: The Connecticut blue-blood is naive, overly sweet, and definitely not the smartest. In other words, a Charlotte York could easily be annoying. But as Lucy’s proven on Pretty Little Liars, being gorgeous doesn’t make you shallow, even when you’re a lovestruck teenager. Samantha Jones: Margarita LevievaWhy: Um, have you seen Revenge? This girl has enough sex appeal to snatch Jack Porter up and have him whipped immediately, so it should go without saying she’s got what it takes to portray a sultry highschooler. Margarita has chosen bold roles in Adventureland and How to Make it in America, so we think she’d slip into Samantha’s low-cut tops without any problems. Miranda Hobbes: Taissa FarmigaWhy: Besides the fact that she looks identical to a young Cynthia Nixon, Taissa has enough depth and intelligence to make us believe that Miranda’s character would actually go to Harvard. The only potential problem? Tearing her away from her hit TV show American Horror Story....--LIZA DARWIN
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