Teresa Palmer Explains What A “Body Expert” Is, And How One Helped Her Play A Captive

“I felt like I could try anything and be brave”

by Hafeezah Nazim

We all know that actors go to great lengths in order to better understand the characters they play, and such is the case for Teresa Palmer, who revealed that she and her Berlin Syndrome co-star Max Riemelt enlisted the help of a body expert to help them feel more comfortable in their roles.

In our latest installation of our Catching Up series, Palmer revealed how that experience, along with reading Natascha Kampusch's 3,096 Days helped her better understand the mindset of a person who has been taken captive. 

"There's a ton of brutality and sexuality and a lot of different themes that we explore," she tells us. "So, they hired this woman to come and work with us—she was a body expert, and she was all about body movement and feeling comfortable in each other's orbit. And, we would do things where we would both be blindfolded and he [Riemelt] would have a packet of peppermint on his body, and I would have to find him in the room by smelling. It just made me feel so comfortable." 

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