catfish in nylon guys

The show that everyone’s talking about…

by Josh Madden

Catfish in NYLON Guys

This month we got the chance to hang with Max Joseph and Nev Shulman of MTV's docudrama sensation 


and discuss their longtime friendship and the rise to fame. The buds have known each other since they were teenagers and after the 2010 hit documentary that followed Shulman's own unfortunate "catfish" scenario they decided to turn the concept into a somewhat-based-in-reality TV show. A show that has been a runaway success and continues to explore the effect of the internet on this generation's romantic connections. "The truth is no one really knows how the episodes are going to turn out. There is no script," Joseph told us. For the full story turn to page 31 in our July issue of NYLON Guys. Then watch the full episodes