Larry David’s Daughter Made A Web Series About Millennials

Step aside for Cazzie

Given her genetics, we've been wondering when Cazzie David would make her big, on-screen debut. Not a day goes by when we're not aimlessly scrolling through the 23-year-old's Instagram page to get a glimpse of her super chill life. (We, too, wish that we were dating SNL's Pete Davidson and calling Larry David our father.)

This week, David premiered her new web series Eighty-Sixed on YouTubeThe show is co-written by Elisa Kalani, another Emerson College alum and David's former roommate. David stars in the series as Remi, a narcissistic girl who is determined to "win" her breakup. So far, there are only four episodes that run between four and eight minutes long. David further elaborated on the premise behind the show in an interview with Complex

"I had two friends who were going through break ups at the same time and I found the constant reassurance that they needed kind of funny. Sad, but funny," she said. "I really wanted to make something on my own and I needed a premise that could be shot in and around my house since I was using my savings. So the character either had to be on house arrest, bed ridden or going through a break up. It’s definitely a cliché premise, so we tried to make fun of that and put an interesting spin on it."

We already knew that David was a social media expert after reading her extensive guide to Instagram for Vanity Fair, but this program really takes it to the next level. Targeting millennials is nothing new in 2017, but it's refreshing to watch something about this generation that comes directly from it.

"I hadn’t really seen an accurate representation of social media on television yet. There are a lot of hashtag and selfie jokes, but not a lot of satirizing the humiliation and obsession behind it in a realistic way," David added. "It’s so funny how social media was just this fun thing and now it’s this monster that consumes so many millennial lives. You know every person under thirty was anxious this weekend that they weren’t going to get a good Coachella Instagram."

Watch the first episode of Eighty-Sixed in the video, below.