Watch Kerry Washington And More Celebs Share Their Favorite Obama Memory


If you're looking for something uplifting, head on over to The White House's YouTube page. It's where you can watch a collection of speeches, like Michelle Obama's final, tear-jerking address, and other updates and tours that truly echo a statement many are making: President Barack Obama and his family made the White House feel accessible to all. That is the underlying message of a recent video uploaded to the channel, which finds a handful of celebrities and other notables remembering the moments of inspiration gleaned from the past eight years.

Kerry Washington, Tom Hanks, Chance The Rapper, and more appear in the nearly six-minute video. It's a roller coaster of emotions, hearing how POTUS affected the lives of some of our faves as well as those of folks you may not know, filled with stories that ring true for a majority of the American population; stories of becoming a citizen, a marginalized individual feeling included in the nation's narrative, and right down to an anecdote of child expressing their interest in becoming president because they saw Obama become president.

Inclusivity, after all, is key to the Obama years. "It was the first time in my life I felt like the White House belonged to everybody," Gloria Steinem says. The Obama's eagerness to invite everyday people to the White House and make them feel welcome and special, like Obama responding to a third grader's letter, is what sets his presidency apart from those before him and, also, what makes his departure so bittersweet. The current president-elect degrades the people he's supposed to be a leader for; Obama leans in and, when appropriate, drops the mic respectfully and with grace. Can the American people work to continue to maintain Obama's determination and hope for a better tomorrow? If there's one thing his legacy has taught us, it's that yes, we absolutely can.