This Supercut Of Celebrities Doing Impressions And Accents Is Delightful

Bless the ‘Graham Norton Show’

The U.K.'s Graham Norton Show has the whole talk show thing figured out. Instead of having a couple of guests on one-by-one and offering them mugs of water, like American talk shows do, Norton often has three or four celebrities on simultaneously, and instead of water, plies them with red wine. The effect is something akin to a dinner party where everyone is charming, talented, and nursing a light buzz.

Take, for example, this delightful supercut of Norton's famous guests breaking into impressions and accents. There's Ryan Reynolds voicing the movie trailer guy much to the delight of Will Smith. There's a mop-haired Justin Bieber doing his best British accent for all the Beliebers gathered outside. There's Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke, and Jake Gyllenhaal each giving their take on Arnold Schwarzenegger, and finally, to bring it all home is Chris Pratt, doing a spot-on impression of the cast of The Only Way Is Essex, England's answer to Jersey Shore. Watch it above.