Watch Chadwick Boseman Surprise ‘Black Panther’ Fans

And try not to tear up

Many people have been singing the praises of Black Panther. And, rightfully so, it's a fantastic movie that puts black people at the forefront. On Wednesday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, fans were asked to share what the movie meant to them while standing in front of a curtain with the Black Panther poster. What they didn’t know is that T'Challah himself was listening to the confessions and waiting to surprise them from behind the curtain.

“For me, as the mother of a young son, my son’s childhood has been defined by Barack Obama and now Black Panther,” one woman said before Boseman walked out. Many others also thanked the actor for the work he’s done, while others confessed to seeing the movie multiple times. One woman gave a very important shout-out to the women in the film. “They were so strong on their own terms and answered to no one but themselves, and I think that’s so important,” she said. “They weren’t strong because they were angry, they weren’t strong because they were hurt, they were strong because they were strong.”

Our favorite moment, though, had to be when a young black woman talked about her dream goal of becoming a filmmaker. “Seeing this movie made me realize that our stories need to be told,” she says."There's so many of us out here trying to create great things, and I was just so inspired as someone who wants to make movies one day that art can change the world."

If anyone you know is wondering why representation is so important, show them this video. Then, go out to see the film again and again.