Photo courtesy of Columbia/Young Turks


Chairlift Release New Song “Ch-Ching”

new york city’s new anthem

It seems like Caroline Polachek’s sessions with Beyoncé have rubbed off—in a good way. She’s taken whatever was gleaned from “No Angel,” amped up the pop-factor with fellow Chairlift member Patrick Wimberley, and delivered one of 2015’s finest records.

“Ch-Ching” premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show today. It’s Chairlift’s first release in three years, and it combines everything: There’s trap drums snapping beneath horns, vocal distortions, and other blips, bloops, and blops. It all comes together to make one lush headphone-listening experience. We can only imagine what the track lineup for this looked like: Layers on layers of chirps, chimes, woots, and more. Polachek told Lowe it’s a quasi-ode to the Big Apple. “‘Ch-Ching’ is sort of about that feeling of getting lucky and not really realizing what just hit you, and rolling with it.” Don't have to ask us twice! Consider it done, guys. Roll out.