Chairlift’s New “Romeo” Video Will Jumpstart Your Week

you ready for this?

We needed this anthem. We needed Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly running around New York City’s Chinatown like someone’s chasing them. We needed the neon. We needed the clothing. We needed that hair.

Now, we can’t confirm if that’s a wig or not, but in the new video for Chairlift’s latest single, “Romeo,” Polachek is certainly rocking a fully different look—one that works for her and fits well with the uptempo, driving style of the song. “Romeo” is propulsive, which, as we said, is just the jolt we’ve been looking for this morning (because, Monday).

Now we’re up, awake, ready for the week, and hungry for Chairlift’s full album, Moth, which is due out from Columbia Records some time next year.