good idea or bad idea: chalkboard cake

gives new meaning to school house rock.

by steff yotka

I've never met a cake I didn't take a bite out of, even just a little bite, but this chalkboard cake is definitely giving me pause.

Maybe I'm just hung up on that chalk allergy I had during the third grade or the chalkboard wall in my old apartment that was impossible to clean off, but a chalk-like cake just doesn't seem all that appetizing. (Sneezing while clapping dusty erasers together is my personal hell.)

It should be noted that this sugary confection isn't made of real chalk or chalkboard; it's actually black fondant that's been written on by white sugar crayons. If that sounds delicious, can get the recipe here bake away, or, if you're like me, you can make a daring friend try it out and tell you if it's a good idea or bad idea. (You, readers, are my daring friends in this scenario, so click and tweet @ us away!)