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chanel’s newest purse silhouette is…

by steff yotka

The Chanel Dubai Cruise collection debuted today on special island in the United Arab Emirates city, and based on the Instagram photos we've seen so far, it did not disappoint. Guests sat on the floor, models sported flat sandals and dramatic curled hair, and the collection consisted of beautiful sequin detailing and relaxed silhouettes. Oh, and there were palm trees inside. So, yes, you could call it a true spectacle.

Also spectacular is Chanel's latest handbag creation: a gold leather chain strap bag in the shape of a portable gasoline tank. As any die-hard Chanel fan will know, the house creates intricate and tongue-in-cheek purses to complement each collection (past efforts have included the pearlescent seashells of spring '12, the lego bricks of spring '13, and the Lait de Coco milk carton purses from fall '14), but none have ever been quite as politically or economically-minded as to be shaped like the main revenue source of the country whose culture has inspired a collection. 

Chanel fans probably also know that Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of the house, loves to have a little satiric fun with his collections, so the fact that he created a gasoline tank purse shouldn't be read too deeply. Although with American (and European) dependence on foreign oil being such a hot button political issue, it's hard to ignore the implications of such a design. 

So will you be sporting a petrol purse this season? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. Plus, find more behind-the-scenes photos from the Chanel Dubai collection here and the complete selection of press imagery here