everything you need to know about chanel’s haute couture show

    starting with, where’s cara delevingne?

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that Chanel runway shows take the audience--yes, even those of us watching from our computer screens--to a fashion planet we never really thought possible. Whether it’s making a suburban grocery store suddenly chic (glitter sneakers will do that, we guess), redesigning a denim tube dress, or transforming a hula hoop purse the It item of the season, Karl Lagerfeld instantly morphs a so-weird-it’s-sorta-cool item into something just plain cool.

    For The Kaiser’s 2014-2015 Haute Couture collection, this means wild ’80s hair, Baroque details, and a surprisingly pared-down set (there were no post-show supermarket raids this time, that’s for sure). And between special appearances by everyone from Jared Leto to Kendall Jenner--not to mention, a conspicuously absent Cara D.-- there was plenty to talk about.

    So get briefed on the top ten Chanel moments in the gallery...then let us know if you’ll really be wearing flip flops with ribbons next season.

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