Photo courtesy of Pamela Love


Channel Your Inner Moon Child With Lunar-Inspired Jewelry

new moon = new jewels

This Saturday marks the first new moon of the new year. If you're not already familiar, the new moon, the first phase of the moon cycle, symbolizes a period of creativity and new beginnings in our lives. It’s a time to focus on self-reflection and nurturing and healing oneself, and should be treated as an opportunity to set fresh intentions for the month—or months—ahead and focus on all of the things you wish to create and manifest. Whether you take a few minutes to jot down your thoughts in a notebook alongside your New Year’s resolutions, take 30 minutes out of your day to pamper yourself with a new moon detox bath, or perform a full-on ritual with your best friends (although it may be a bit too cold to hang in the woods this weekend), look at this event as an opportunity to focus on personal improvements and practice some good old self-love.

It’s also the perfect time to treat yourself to a little something new. What’s self-love without a bit of self-indulgence, anyway? We rounded up some of our favorite moon-inspired jewelry in honor of this month’s new moon in Capricorn. Check them out in the gallery.

Photo courtesy of Farfetch.

Chloe Eye ad Moon Pendant Sautoir Necklace, $480.98, availalable at Farfetch.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.

Elizabeth and James ‘Luna’ Ear Crawlers, $175, available at Nordstrom.

Photo courtesy of Verameat.

Verameat Planet Ring Moon, $68, available at Verameat.

Photo courtesy of Revolve Clothing.

Vanessa Mooney Sadi Crescent Moon Cuff, $125, available at Revolve Clothing.

Photo courtesy of Rue Gembon.

Rue Gembon Parca Gold Ear Jacket, $42, available at Rue Gembon.

Photo courtesy of Gorjana.

Gorjana ‘Remy’ Suspended Pendant Necklace, $75, available at Gorjana.

Photo courtesy of Barney's.

Feathered Soul Diamond Moon Pendand Necklace, $895, available at Barney’s

Photo courtesy of Pamela Love.

Pamela Love Luna Ring, $200, available at Pamela Love.

Photo courtesy of ASOS.

ASOS Moon and Star Arm Cuff, $9, available at ASOS.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Fisher.

Jennifer Fisher Tiny Moon Earring Single With Pave White Diamonds, $310, available at Jennifer Fisher.

Photo courtesy of Lulu Frost.

Lulu Frost Code 14kt Moon Ring, $480, available at Lulu Frost.

Photo courtesy of Bloomingdale's.

Argento Vivo Moon Stud Earrings, $38, available at Bloomingdale's.