Channing Tatum Called Meeting Beyoncé The Most Terrifying Experience Of His Life

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by daniel barna

When Beyoncé dropped by Lip Sync Battle to assist Channing Tatum on his performance of "Run the Word (Girls)," we all thought it was just a case of two celebrity pals getting together to blow humanity's mind, just because they can. But as Tatum told Ellen DeGeneres on her show Thursday, his mind was just as blown as anyone’s.

"That is the first time I ever met her, right there. That was it," he told a surprised Ellen. According to Tatum, he pulled missions just to get the phone number of Queen Bey's assistant, and the next thing he knew, there she was: The skies parted and she descended onto the stage like an angel sent from the heavens above. A few hair flips and gyrated hips later, poof, she was gone. 

“She’s like Keyser Söze,” Tatum said, in reference to Kevin Spacey’s mysterious character in The Usual Suspects. “You never see her until all of sudden you’re just like, ‘It happened! Wait—that was her, right?’” Fortunately he did get to say "Hi" before she returned to the dimension that only she exists in. Tatum did receive a text from Beyoncé afterwards, inviting he and his wife Jenna to visit that dimension one day, so it looks as though he made a good impression.

Please take us with you, Channing. Please?