is there a secret to the perfect smile?

by faran krentcil

Ever since we shot the actress Naturi Naughton in our 2009 Young Hollywood issue, I've been obsessed with her smile. Check out the outtake above and you'll see what I mean.  This girl's grin is perfect - genuine, inviting, and pretty without being fake.

A lot of dentists or makeup artists will tell you otherwise, but the only way to get a smile like that is to truly be happy, and sometimes, I am.  But when I've got a heap of articles due, an outfit on that I don't love, laundry that's too heavy to haul up the stairs, and guys who don't text me back - well, let's just say I don't look or feel anything like a budding movie star.

21 Drops thinks they can change that feeling, without giving me a maid, a stylist, or Adam Brody.  Their new aromatherapy perfumes promise relief from whatever's bugging you, whether it's stress, a hangover, or a lack of libido.  So Liza Darwin and I tried Number Seven, which promises to stabilize moods and relieve stress, in the middle of our crazy Monday morning. 

Do we feel calmer?  Sadly, no.  But we love the smell - a mix of sandalwood wood oil, palmarosa grass oil, rose flower oil and frankincense resin oil that's so rich and warmly pretty, we'd gladly use it every day, regardless of our mood.

A nerve-calming perfume?  Sorry, we didn't feel it.  But we did discover a new scent that's fresh, gorgeous, and relatively cheap - $28 a bottle.  We're willing to try their other fragrances (especially the hangover one!) just based on the lovely smell alone.  And at the very least, we're definitely smiling a little more, because this is the end of our "We tried a new aromatherapy oil" story - another thing to cross off the mad Monday to-do list!

21 Drops, available for $28 each.  We tested Number Seven, Equalize, which you can buy here.