“Chelsea’s Mom” Is The Best Hillary Clinton Parody Yet

it really is

by jamie roback

With the 2016 presidential campaign in near sight, YouTube group


shows us why they're giving candidate Hillary Clinton their vote. To the tune of Fountains of Wayne’s hit song "Stacy’s Mom," the quartet generated a “Chelsea’s Mom,” which we like to refer to as the best Hillary Clinton parody yet. Not only are the lyrics on point, but the satirical song is also extremely catchy. 

The video clips between a Clinton campaign call center, where the group plays their violins next to a life-sized cutout of the candidate, and green-screen photos of Hillary in her various political roles, from her time as the First Lady to present day.

“From sea to shining sea, she’ll fight for liberty," the men sing. "She’s sexy and she’s strong, I’m gonna vote for Chelsea’s mom,” before concluding the filterless parody with the strong line, “I know we can’t go wrong, we’re gonna vote for Chelsea’s mom.” 

Whether or not you'll vote for Clinton come next November, you have to admit one thing: Chelsea's mom has got it going on.