Chloë Grace Moretz Hosted ‘SNL Korea’ And It’s As Bananas As It Sounds

Yes, there’s a Korean ‘Saturday Night Live’

Did you know that South Korea airs its own version of Saturday Night Live, fittingly called SNL Korea? You probably did not. But you know who did? Chloë Grace Moretz, who appeared on this week's episode as the show's first American guest host. We don't know why—probably to promote her sci-fi adventure The 5th Wave overseas—but we're glad she did.

In the bottom video, you'll see Moretz commit fully and completely to the absurdity of the whole endeavor, which sees her slap a man across the face with kimchi, speak fluent Korean, and give the craziest eyes in the history of crazy eyes. Don't bother figuring out what's happening here. Just let the sheer insanity of it all wash over you, and when you're done with that, watch Moretz further explore her sketch comedy ambitions in our exclusive collaboration with her, directly below.