Chloe Norgaard Skullcandy

chloe norgaard for skullcandy women is a rainbow rock dream.

by liza darwin

Pop quiz! When it comes to the perfect muse for Skullcandy's new women's collection, who would you choose? Chloe Norgaard, obviously. The rainbow-haired model is the perfect face for the rad new female-centric line of headphones--and not only because she's a music festival staple. Check out the campaign and all the styles in the gallery, then snag a pair for yourself here. (Skullcandy)

Whoa, this is huge. The Victoria's Secret fashion show is moving to London! The massive event, which has been held in New York the past several years, is officially hopping across the pond. So does this mean we can see even more Brit models alongside regulars like Cara Delevingne and Jourdann Dunn, as well as U.K. performers? We're betting yes. (Grazia

Lorde may have traded her signature black color palette for an all-white look last weekend at Coachella, but the singer did keep things consistent with a deep lipcolor. Get the complete beauty breakdown from the 17-year-old pop star's makeup artist (including her new MAC lipcolor, duh) here. (Hollywood Life)

Voting time has begun for the TIME 100 awards, and everyone from Taylor Swift to Pharrell to Beyonce will be battling it out to score a spot on the music list.  Cast your vote for which star should be recognized for changing the world--um, for better or for worse--right here. (TIME)

You can always count on Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love" to bring the feels in a big way....but Demi Lovato just took the emotional value up a notch with her new cover of the sweet track. The singer gave Sheeran's hit ballad a gorgeous revamp for I Heart Radio, so listen below. (YouTube)

Psst! Sky Ferreira is releasing a shoppable music video tomorrow for "I Blame Myself." You heard that right: yep, it's shoppable. Grab your wallet, and watch this place to get in on the action yourself. (MTV Style)

Seth MacFarlane has mastered crass comedy in contemporary cartoons and movies with Family Guy and Ted, but he's about to make a ruckus in the past. His new film A Million Ways to Die in the West, set in 1882 Arizona, satirizes the American west. MacFarlane stars alongside Charlize Theron and a cast of outlaws and cowboys, including Amanda Seyfried, Neil Patrick Harris, and Sarah Silverman. Until it comes out on May 30, start counting the brutally funny ways people are dying in the trailer. (CinemaBlend) --RACHEL PERLMAN