Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images


Chloë Sevigny Once Again Proved That Fashion Is Capable Of Being Unpredictable

at the lacma art + film gala

When she was 19, The New Yorker called Chloë Sevigny "the coolest girl in the world." Over two decades later, Sevigny has maintained that status by pursuing interesting, off-the-cusp roles, and staying true to her individual style. So while other guests at this weekend's LACMA Art + Film Gala opted to wear chiffon, ruffles, and other typically pretty materials, Sevigny instead chose to wear an embroidered lace Gucci gown.

Adorned with detailed depictions of tigers, serpents, birds, fruits, and flowers, the bright, floor-length option was easily one of the more interesting looks at the event. It didn't subscribe to any trend and wasn't worn purely for shock value, which gave a refreshing take on red-carpet fashion, in general. 

photo by Mike Windle / Getty Images