Chris Evans And Brother Scott Singing Video

o captain, my captain america

Chris Evans is a man—a mighty, mighty good man. Ever since that 2011 GQ profile, Captain America himself is no longer seen as your run-of-the-mill really, really ridiculously good looking Hollywood heartthrob. He’s actually an all-around good guy—you know, a real human. One could even say he’s a pal. He does ice bucket challenges while dressed to the nines and photobombs random people at football games because he’s cool like that. He also sings—as in emits angelic melodies through his mouth to remind you the world is not as bad as it seems. Here, he and his brother Scott perform a nice song. If you listen closely, you may even hear a commenter’s panties fly across the room. Prepare yourself: these might be the most blissful 44 seconds of your life.