Chris Hemsworth And Ellen DeGeneres Surprised Some Office Workers, And Had The Most Fun Doing It

And it got wild

It's been two years since People magazine named Chris Hemsworth the Sexiest Man Alive. But if the following video is any indication, his appeal has not faded. Hemsworth was the latest celebrity prop in Ellen DeGeneres' bid for viral supremacy, as the two hit the Warner Bros. offices to surprise some unsuspecting women in honor of something called Administrative Professionals' Day. The women—and this is apparently an office where only women work—appropriately freaked out when Hemsworth showed up, because A). Thor just rocked up to your cubicle, and B). Hemsworth is ridiculously hot.

At one point, an overzealous fan suggested a threesome between her, Hemsworth, and DeGeneres, and for the record, they didn't say no. "Can we get naked?" she asked. Then, everyone smashed some tequila shots, partook in a friendly game of limbo, and said goodbye to Chris Hemsworth, who was never seen or heard from again. Watch all the shenanigans, above.