Listen To CHVRCHES’ Stellar New Track “Never Ending Circles”

breaking up never felt so good

Cast off whatever sophomore slump fears you may have had for Glasgow trio CHVRCHES. Its second LP, Every Open Eye (due out next month), is shaping up to be something spectacular. “Leave A Trace” was addictive and its latest taste, “Never Ending Circles,” does not disappoint.

A broken structure lends itself to a dizzying production. The song is rich and highlights a new, mature depth for the group. Like in “Leave A Trace,” lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry searches for honesty. Her headstrong knowing of when and how she’s been wronged is out in full force here. “We are losing ground / It’s time to save your neck / And I will try to find my feet and go,” she sings. “I am braced for words that never come, but I choose to decide that I don’t regret it.” This is it.