city find: say it right

these birthday cards will never see a trash can.

By now, you'd think I'd be able to better prepare for my friends' birthdays. Thanks to Facebook, I can get away with scouring the "see friendship" feed for a hilarious photo from 2001 and post it to their wall. I can also spend hours searching for the perfect GIF on Tumblr that best describes my friendship with the person. But, when it comes to those real-life celebrations; the pizza parties at their apartment, the cake fest at their favorite bar, the dance party in their boyfriend's loft--I'm never prepared. Ever since I can remember, I've pretty much bought cards and gifts for my friends like, literally on the way to their parties (to all of my friends who are reading this, it doesn't mean I love you any less). But finally, I think I have found a solution to my problems, and I found it in Los Angeles.

Seriously awesome designer, studio, brand, and just plain cool dude Ashkahn Shahparnia is responsible for a collection of cards that I literally want to cover my apartment walls with, because, yes, they are that good. From birthday cards ("Fuck It Let's Party") to thank you cards ("Thanks for the Hickey"), to love notes ("I Love You More Than Being Seventeen), these paper messages with super rad illustrations are the best things ever, for every situation. The coolest part? You can go through his site (which is also freaking awesome--think smiley-face-mouse-hovering just like your Geocities page had in 1999) and scoop up a bunch at once, so you're never going to a party empty handed again...okay, so I'm never going to a party empty handed again. (P.S. We've also got some Ashkahn cards for sale in the NYLONShop, so make sure you check them out here!)

View the gallery featuring my fave Ashkahn cards and see who is getting the broken-hearted "I'm Sorry" card this time.

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To: The barista who knows my order and gets it right every morning

From: The girl who's had too many bad baristas

I Finally Found You Card - $6

To: My friend who's having a birthday and who is the only reason I've survived so many rounds of bar trivia

From: The girl who doesn't know what happened in 1866, but can identify all of the celebrity yearbook photos in round four

I Laugh Anyway Card - $6

To: The dude I like just a little bit more than all the others.

From: That girl who bought you a beer and spilled it on your shoe

Thanks For the Hickey Card - $6

To: Anyone, Any time

From: Your friend, your daughter, your ex, your colleague, your favorite person ever, your least favorite person ever, your BFF

Speech Bubble Card - $6

To: Anyone I want to creep out hardcore

From: That girl who gave you this card and was a total creep, but you definitely remember her

You're Cute Calling Cards - 25 for $10

To: My roomie who had work the morning after I came home at 3 AM and blasted Beyonce

From: Can we still be roomies?

I'm Sorry Card - $6

To: My BFF who just got dumped and needs to go party

From: The girl who knows just what to do in situations like this

Fuck It Let's Party Card - $6

To: My friend who told me I had a rip in my pants when no one else would

From: I owe you my life

Thanks for Saving My Ass Card - $6

To: Myself

From: Never forget

YOLO Card - $6