Claire Foy Loses It In The Insane ‘Unsane’ Trailer

“He’s here or maybe it’s all in my head”

Queen, we’re not in Buckingham anymore. The Crown’s Claire Foy is trading her jewels for hospital scrubs in the trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming iPhone-shot thriller Unsane.

Foy plays an American woman forced to relocate to another city due to a stalker. “Your life slips away from you,” she says in the trailer. “Changing your phone number and your email becomes normal.” After she attends a support group for victims of stalking, things start to get scary.

She ends up involuntarily admitting herself into a mental institution, which, in turn, turns her insane. Or, was she already insane, to begin with? Is her stalker in the hospital or is it all in her head? What do you do when you can’t trust your own thoughts anymore? The trailer doesn’t give us any clear-cut answers, so we’ll just have to wait until March 23 when the film hits theaters.