‘Clarissa Explains It All’ Is The Latest ’90s Gem Getting A Reboot

Na na na na na!

Nickelodeon is adding Clarissa Explains It All to its growing list of television reboots. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Viacom-owned network is finalizing deals with the series' star and creator, Melissa Joan Hart and Mitchell Kriegman respectively. Once the ink has dried, an official announcement will be made.

Clarissa Explains It All is heralded as Nickelodeon's first female-led series. For five seasons, between 1991 and 1994, viewers watched Clarissa Darling navigate her way through the world of teendom. Clarissa would often break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience, exaggerating whatever problem she was dealing with like all teenagers do. It also was a mecca of scrunchies and featured the kind of bedroom every '90s kid dreamed of: loud colors, bold patterns, controlled chaos, and a window that your BFFs could climb up into. Did I want hubcaps on my walls like Clarissa did? You betcha. 

"I think Clarissa ended on a note that could be explored again," Hart told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, "because it didn't really have an ending—it sort of ended." Indeed. The reboot will find a grown Clarissa with a family of her own. The rest of the details are still in development. Now, can we get a reboot of The Secret World of Alex Mack? Please and thank you.