the claudia kishi gift guide

    for the girl who needs some tie-dye jeans and a lisa frank calendar.

    by · November 19, 2013

    Ready or not, here it comes! Holiday season has arrived, and that means tons of shopping. But let’s be real: your average gift guides are boring, so we’re going to do things the NYLON way with lists inspired by our fictional dream BFFs. Every week we’ll be picking the best gifts for our movie muses, so keep checking back to find that perfect item for your friends or for yourself. Let us start by saying this: who doesn’t want to be Claudia Kishi? As the artsiest member of The Babysitters Club, Kishi has a wardrobe that launched a thousand blogs (like What Claudia Wore), speaks Japanese, and is besties with Grandma Mimi. She was easily the most fashionable member of The Babysitters Club (sorry Kristy), and probably the kookiest, meaning that her holiday wish list was likely filled with notebooks, tech gadgets, printed pants, and heaps of sparkle nail polish. So if you are a Claudia, or know someone who is, let us present the most epic gift guide for a ’90s-obsessed technicolor dream girl.

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