clinical endurance from gillette

The first of it’s kind and the best we’ve tested…

by Josh Madden

Let me kick this lil' write up about Gillette's Clinical Endurance deodorant off by saying that normally Christian handles the grooming pieces, but I had to step up for this one because I got ahold of this product, used it, and I'm personally backing it. No, this isn't an advertorial or some kind of call to deodorant action--this is an honest to goodness testimonial.

You see, I run between six and seven miles every other day, and in my search for a deodorant I've previously only found one answer. What I'm about to tell you might cause you to judge, but whatever. I've met several dudes who will tell you (albeit in private) that Secret clinical protection deodorant is the only remedy for crazy pits. I was actually clued in to the "Strong enough for a use it" mentality by a huge weight lifter bro, so I thought, "whatever." But that's all over.

This Gillette Clinical Endurance Cool Wave stuff landed on my desk last Friday and I thought "Okay, this says clinical protection, and it's free, so let's just give it a try on the ol' Saturday morning run." And you know what, it's a wrap, game over, this is my new deodorant.

The science-y facts about this stuff--let's see. There's a triple protection formula and apparently it's the first of its kind because it's clear (I can't vouch that it's the first, but who am I to is definitely clear). There's a proprietary calcium stabilization method thing going on and something about molecules that have been pre-solubilized--or so I've read, because once again all I can vouch for is the fact that by god it works!

So, here's the deal...I won't endorse anything I haven't at least tried and this stuff I'm wearing right this moment. I'm one sweaty, nervous, geeky, sometimes jogger that fully backs this stuff and that's why I had to write about it. You can get the best deodorant I've ever tried HERE or hit Gillette up on Twitter HERE and ask them about it yourself!