editor’s pick: bettys who grunge

a clueless t-shirt for a modern cher.

When I stand back and look at all my clothes, I feel like I’m a mix of two Clueless characters: Cher Horowitz and Tai Frasier.

From the berets and velvet dresses of Cher, to the over-sized plaids and tie-dye tees of ensemble-challenged stoner skaters like Tai (pre-fashion victim, obvs), my wardrobe would likely stump Cher's computerized closet program from 1995.

If Cher were around today, though, I think she’d probably fall hard for the acid-washed-jeans and sweaters-tied-around-waists that are in a lot of our fave stores right now, somehow blending the new grunge with her signature Cali Valley Girl style--but how?Behold: this Luncchb0xx “As If” acid crop top--the perfect mix of grungy and girly for the Cher Horowitz (and me) of 2013.