Photo by Chris Yu.


3 Coachella-Inspired Beauty Looks That Are Next-Level Cool

Flower crown optional

Ah, Coachella. The sun is shining, the music is blasting, and there are flower crowns as far as the eye can see. If you do a quick Google search for this ubiquitous music festival, it’s easy to get the feeling that there’s a uniform happening; from year to year, the boho vibes tend to generate very similar fashion and beauty looks. But that doesn’t mean you have to look like everyone else to have a relevant vibe. It’s totally possible to look festival-ready without being just another free-spirited face in the crowd.

To figure out exactly how to create festival-perfect looks that feel fresh, we called in makeup artist Janessa Paré. We asked her to create three different vibes that look beautiful and are secretly super easy to recreate at home—and that’s exactly what she did. Click through the gallery to see how to use crystals as makeup, how to get an eyeliner look inspired by watercolor paintings, and how to be the kind of music witch that Rihanna would approve of. 

Makeup by Janessa Paré; Photographed by Chris Yu; Styled by Marissa Smith; Nails by Miss Pop; Hair by Michael Thomas Lollo. 

Photo by Chris Yu.

Watercolor Eye

Where last year we saw bold statement eyeliner looks with just one shade, this year we’re really into using multiple colors to create an almost painterly vibe. To start, Paré says to draw an even line on your eyelid with one color, so that your eyes look balanced. Next, apply other colors around your eyelids wherever you want—just make sure you’re applying it exactly the same way on both eyes. “The more colors you use for this, the better!” she says. Finally, use a liquid eyeliner to create dots on the lighter colors. 

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Photo by Chris Yu.

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top by ASOS, Knitted Top in Off Shoulder with Stripe Ruffle Detail, $41, view at ASOS.

Photo by Chris Yu.

Coven Goals

Ready to be the witchiest babe of them all? This look is simple: Just throw on your all-time favorite plum lipstick. For that amazing glossy eye look, Paré applied a metallic taupe eyeshadow from the lash line and faded it up to the brow. She then patted a glossy lip balm over the entire lid. And don’t worry about wearing too much mascara—for this, the clumpier, the cooler.

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Photo by Chris Yu.

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bra top by Strita, mateo, $28, view at Strita DTLA; necklace by Vanessa Mooney, Black Velvet Basic Choker, $29, view at Vanessa Mooney; necklace by Vanessa Mooney, Midnight Fall Dagger Wrap Choker, $45, view at Vanessa Mooney.

Photo by Chris Yu.


To set the stage for this sparkling look, use a light pink stain on both your lips and your cheeks. Then, use an eyelash glue to adhere crystals below your lash line. Go as crazy or as minimal as you want—either way, you’ll shine bright like a… oh, you know the rest. 

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Photo by Chris Yu.

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headband by jennifer behr, carly bandeaux, $183, view at jennifer behr; top by line & dot, rhone lace up top, $113, view at Revolve.