i’d like to buy the world a coke

but i’ll get them this t-shirt instead.

by steff yotka

I'm not going to pretend that there isn't a secret stash of Diet Coke below Liza's and my desks, because there is--or there was before we drank it all. The soda brand, around since 1886, and its swoosh logo are about as American as stars and stripes, Mount Rushmore, Levi's jeans, or our November America Issue cover girl Lana del Rey. The Coke logo is so famous it's been copied by high fashion brands far and wide, like Jeremy Scott or Marc Jacobs.

Coca Cola has long drawn on its heritage and collaborated with fashion brands too, like Dolce & Gabbana and Ashish, but its latest collab might be its best yet. Partnering with Dr. Romanelli, AKA Dr. X, Coca-Cola is releasing a line of Americana items like a striped green button down and a red puffer jacket, all emblazoned with Coke's signature logo. 

Our favorite piece by far is the rainbow tie-dye T-shirt with "Enjoy Coca-Cola" printed across the chest. Because who doesn't like to throw on their best tie-dye top, drink a Coke, and enjoy life? No one. The DrX x Coca-Cola line will be on sale at Colette and Opening Ceremony, so be sure to toss a can of your favorite soda in your purse and get shopping.