Photo via Anthropologie


You’ll Want To Bring This Facial Mist With You Everywhere

Meet the seriously refreshing coconut water spray by Cocovit

I’m constantly on the hunt for the latest all-natural beauty products, and now that summer is around the corner, my craving for all things coconut has kicked into overdrive too. Just in time, I came across Cocovit, a skin-care brand whose creator, Rikita Kapadia, used her family’s traditional secrets to create a line of seriously awesome products, featuring coconut oil as the star of the show. After testing the products, the Facial Mist has quickly become my bring-with-me-wherever-I-go product.

Cocovit’s Facial Mist contains a refreshing blend of coconut oil, coconut water, aloe vera water, witch hazel, dead sea salt, and honeysuckle essential oil which hydrates and tones—and smells like heaven in coconut form. While I love using it in between cleansing and moisturizing, I also can’t leave my house without it. It’s the ultimate product to throw in your bag and have on hand whenever you need a quick pick-me-up (and an antioxidant boost). One spritz, and you’re instantly transported to a tropical beach—even if in reality, you’re just sitting at your desk. Added bonus: Because the mist is on the lighter side, you don’t have to worry about messing up your makeup either.

By now, the power of coconut oil is pretty well known, but a lot of the time, the oil is processed with bleach, perfumes, heat, and solvents, causing it to lose the majority of nutrients and enzymes during the extraction process. Cocovit’s coconut oil is ethically sourced (harvested in South India), 100 percent certified organic, and uses a special modernized process that leaves all of the naturally occurring beneficial nutrients and enzymes intact. All of their products are antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, paraben-, GMO-, and chemical-free (with no preservatives or added ingredients, to boot). In fewer words, their products rule, and your skin will thank you for using them. 

You can purchase Cocovit’s Facial Mist for $32 at Anthropologie.