coffee bodywash by wash with joe

Not your typical morning pick-me-up…

by Christian Lavery

It’s no secret that here at NYLON Guys we love our coffee. In fact, every morning, as soon we get out of bed and our feet hit the floor, we’re already looking for our first cup. But in the midst of the morning chaos, sometimes that cup comes a little later than we’d like. So trying to find something to give us a coffee-like boost without actually drinking a cup of java became a top priority of ours. And finally, it came to us. Coffeemint bodywash from Wash With Joe. The formula helps revitalize the body and mind with its invigorating blend of coffee and mint while naturally absorbing any and all odors. In addition, the bodywash blocks UV rays and contains powerful antioxidants that provide the body with numerous health benefits. Purchase a 16 oz. bottle HERE, and like us, you’ll get a little head start on getting your morning pick-me-up.