illamasqua’s new rainbow-hued creams are almost too easy.

by liza darwin

Confession: we were a little suspicious when we first saw the new cream pigments from Illamasqua. A collection dubbed "Toxic Nature" is bound to be dangerous, right?

But although the line might take inspiration from the poisonous environment and other not-so-glam things, the latest from the U.K.-based beauty company isn't scary at all. Instead, the six rich pigment pots in shades like mint, lilac, and the tawny toffee are totally pretty-and versatile.

Designed to be applied on your eyes, face, and body, they work equally as well as a hi-fi eyeliner as they do as a splash of cheek color (subtle lilac blush isn't as weird as you'd think... we tried it!).

With hues these bold, daring, and downright cool, maybe being a drama queen isn't such a bad thing, after all.

Buy them April 14th at Sephora.