Colored Pencil Makeup Hack

because it is

This post was originally published on May 14, 2015.

Another day, another viral video detailing how one little "hack" will change your life for the better. Our general skepticism, combined with the fact that most of the aforementioned videos are irrelevant in our day-to-day lives, usually leads us to scroll past them. But one DIY video managed to capture our attention.

According to YouTuber Rachel Leven, you can create makeshift eyeliners from colored pencils. All you need to do is place the pencils in a cup of hot water and then glide across your lids. The video stresses that Crayola's products are non-toxic and therefore safe to use on your skin. Of course, that doesn't mean it's safe for your eyeballs. According to Dr. Mark Jacquot, O.D., clinical director at LensCrafters, "using Crayola pencils as eyeliner could cause a potentially serious eye infection—it could lead to temporary, or even permanent blindness."

"The use of color additives in makeup is strictly regulated by the FDA and all makeup is required to have a list of ingredients on the label," he says. "Even some color additives that are approved for other types of makeup, are not approved for use in the area of the eye. And, while they may be “non-toxic,” Crayola pencils do not use approved color additives, or preservatives specifically formulated to ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms cannot grow and multiply."

So even though a pack of non-toxic colored pencils is much cheaper than purchasing multiple liners, it's not worth the risk.