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archie’s having a moment - with mac and glee!

by jazzi mcgilbert

The kids of Riverdale High are about to have a major comeback. This week, MAC announced a full-color Spring 2013 collection in honor of Archie's Girls - Betty & Veronica! - and it's bound to be a hit. Much like Archie, we probably won't be able to pick between the two, especially when it comes to a subtle pink Betty blush or big, flirty lashes like Veronica's. But Betty and Veronica aren't the only fictional teenagers getting the spotlight. Riverdale will meet McKinley High for a special issue called Archie Meet Glee.

Archie and Finn will either bond or butt heads when it comes to a date with Quinn, Rachel, Betty or Veronica, and there's sure to be a sing-off too! Whether it's the comic version of Jerry Springer or just an awesome class reunion - we can't wait for the Archie takeover of 2013!