Best Confetti Nail Polish

the best show ever is right on your fingertips.

You know that scene in Almost Famous where Penny Lane dances around in an empty auditorium filled with the post-show detritus? Besides being one of my favorite shots in the film, it also captures what I really love about live shows: When, after that blizzard of confetti, balloons, and colorfully dressed crowdsurfers, the show's over and all that's left are the bright pieces of paper, shredded neon plastic, and glitter all over the floor. 

Every single time I'm at a gig, I want to ignore the bouncers who are rushing everyone to the exits and slide around on the hand-crafted tissue paper tiles, and broken balloons, just like Penny Lane. It's a visual reminder of the awesomeness that just happened onstage, and one that stays with you days after your ears have stopped ringing.

So, a) if you ever see someone doing that, it's probably me and you should probably join in, and b) if you want to capture that moment, you can just wear it on your fingertips thanks to this Starrily Nail Polish, which is basically like giving my hands their own post-concert nail party. Get your own bottle here.