cheers to the coppolas!

now you can drink like gia and sofia.

by liza darwin

Even if we don't have Gia and Sofia's directing skills, famous friends, or awesome closets, here one thing everyone--and we mean everyone-- can share with one of the coolest families around.

Hopefully by now you've already experienced Francis Ford Coppola's Winery (especially with Sofia Coppola's pink champagne).  But now its has just added another bottle to its already-rad arsenal: the "Gia by Gia Coppola" wine selection.

This means that Gia (yep, the same Gia who's directing Palo Alto and serving up major style inspiration while she's at it) is getting in on the action with a trio of light wines. She's rolled out a Frizzante Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir, just in time for Palo Alto's release next week.

Stock up for this weekend and buy the wines here ...if you've always dreamed of being a Coppola, consider this the next best thing. 

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