watch out, h&m: COS is here

the cult classic has landed

Ask anyone for not-super-expensive shopping recommendations in Europe, and you'll get the same response: COS. The retailer is beloved for its super chic, incredibly high quality ready-to-wear, and may be one of the reasons that Europeans always look so polished. And now, you can have it all for yourself.

Opening today, the SoHo shop represents everything that is beloved about COS: The sleek, modern aesthetic, a particularly cosmopolitan feel, and basically everything one needs to be very, very well dressed. That's the wonderful thing about stores like COS and & Other Stories—it is possible that everything in the shop goes together because of a unified approach to design, thanks to a top-notch team. The current collection is conceived of in four parts: more casual/basic wear, work-ready dressing, black-and-white, fashion-forward pieces, and leisure-wear that is essentially comprised of wonderful human cocoons. 

Located at 129 Spring Street (between Greene and Wooster), the 4,950 square feet of cashmere, boiled wool, and soft cottons, with stuff for dudes at the bottom. And if you can't make it NYC, no worries: We've picked our ten favorite Cos goodies that you can get in person, or online. Take that, Europe.

Leather Trim Knit Dress, $135

Clean-Edge Wool Coat, $225

Leather Mittens, $69

Pleated Shirt Dress, $135

Sleeveless Silk Top, $99

Folded Collar Top, $89

Structured Leather Backpack, $290

Zip-Pocket Shirt, $99

Raglan Sleeve Jacket, $135

Silk Knickers, $19