Honest Couple Relationship Questions - The And Skin Deep Series

there will be tears.

The Skin Deep’s latest installment to its The And video series is a too-real one. Well, they all hit pretty close to home, but this one resonates particularly loudly.

Lynette and Corey have been together for four years and are currently engaged. Through the course of the video, we find out that they’ve been on-and-off. After a few rounds of lighthearted questions, Corey asked what Lynette is “hesitant” to tell him. Her jealousy starts to show as she admits not knowing how to react if and when Corey’s music career explodes. Things get heavier when Corey asked whether Lynette, who we learn is sexually fluid, hooked up with any girls while they were on breaks. A double-standard comes into the mix, but both kept a level head and reacted proactively, listening and taking the time to understand. Love ain’t easy; it’s layered and complex, and this video hits the nail on the head.