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Kiss Summer Goodbye With Courtship.’s New Song

Just do it

The end of summer is a cause for celebration. Find that special someone you flirted with all season and live it up one more time. If you're feeling particularly optimistic, press play on courtship.'s new, glistening anthem, "Tell Me Tell Me." It's a song you can't help but feel good listening to.

"We were sitting around talking, and one of us was like, 'If every single human feels love as one of our strongest emotions, why the hell do we hold it back?'" courtship. tells us. "Tell Me Tell Me" is about just that: saying how you feel in the moment. It's easier said than done, of course, but music is a fabulous lubricant for situations like that. Let this song be your guiding beat.

Hey, you could even wind up being on the cover of courtship.'s album. They flew their photographer out to Minneapolis to photograph their number one fan, Kiara, for this song. "Kiara has been there since day one," the duo tells us. See what good can come from telling someone you love them?