Courtship.’s New Video Is Perfect For ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Fans

And anyone who likes a good love story

Influence is best worn on one's sleeve. Show the world what inspired you from the start and rest soundly knowing you're not out there making people think you pulled a fast one.

In courtship.'s case, said influence is undeniably Wes Anderson. The bright, poppy duo's video for "Tell Me Tell Me" brims with Moonrise Kingdom vibes. ("If you hadn't guessed already," the band tells us.) Starring IT's Jack Grazer, courtship. soundtrack a romance unfolding in the wilderness in which Grazer's real-life girlfriend stars as the hesitant significant other. Bill Murray doesn't make an appearance, but there sure are an abundance of good vibes. It's exactly what a courtship. video should be: feel-good but far from twee. Love is the thing, you know!

Press play, below, and feel the love.